So I just listened to an album by a gentleman named Chris Rea; “Wired to the Moon” is its name, and I must say, I liked this album even before I started listening to it, so charmed was I at the cover (especially considering that a lot of his other album covers are him in various poses). However, I don’t think I listened to it at the right time. I was coming down off the high of more fast-paced, dancey dance music, and the low, easy listening soundscape to which I subjected myself made a contrast that I didn’t really like. Still, I am a mature, unbiased writer, so I should be able to review this album without too much undue unpleasantness. Right?

Being young, and therefore incapable of truly empathizing with any feeling deeper than infatuation, the first thing I thought when I realized the theme of the album was that I might be a bit young to be in Mr. Rea’s intended listening demographic. The theme, by the way, is love, and yes, I know that it’s probably more complicated than that. I’m not a professional music critic, okay?

The album starts with the ostentatious track “Bombollini,” which really comes to life with Rea’s smooth, powerful voice and the accompanying crash of cymbals; I thought it kind of has a “stadium” feel to it, if you get my meaning. With fairly sedate songs in the middle, the album ends on a high note with “Winning,” a neat little way to raise the overall tone of the album. Mr. Rea is a happy man, I guess. All of the other songs, however, were unmemorable when compared to each other, but alone, single-worthy. There’s so little variation, though, that my musical palate was numbed by the time we reached the halfway point. I think I would really dig it if I gave it a second listen.

I completely recommend this album, but only if you’re comfortable with listening to something that expects a little effort on the part of the listener. This isn’t background music, and you can’t dance to it, metaphorically speaking. I guess you can dance if you really want to, but it’ll be a little weird.